IT Integration Services

Comprehensive services to accelerate your technology deployments and ensure seamless IT rollouts

The Benefits of a Cohesive IT Infrastructure

Zones IT Integration Services can help accelerate your digital transformation and maximize the ROI on your technology investments.
Respond more quickly to market changes and new opportunities to gain a competitive advantage
Streamline operations for greater efficiency
Reduce costs
Improve visibility into your IT environment for better decision-making
Enhance your customer experience

Creating a seamless and efficient IT environment pays big dividends throughout your organization. But making it happen? A big challenge. That's why organizations turn to Zones.

Our IT integration specialists are OEM certified to build customized IT and data center solutions that enable different systems to communicate with each other, share data, and work together effectively.

Our customer-centered approach is all about solving your complex IT problems today with complete solutions that can transition tomorrow.

"We ask the right questions, listen to understand, and remain notoriously nimble. Because embracing change requires swift, deliberate action."

ISO-certified and ready to custom design, build and configure your IT assets.

It all begins at one of our regional Technology Solution Centers. Inside, our IT configuration, logistics, and implementation experts are hard at work to ensure smooth rollouts of complex IT deployments.

We're committed to solving your problems with Yes instead of No. This mindset keeps people at the center of every solution we build, every digital infrastructure we implement, and every device we deliver. Whatever you need, Consider IT done.

Integration and Configuration

Services to minimize the time between when your product arrives and when it's installed.
  • Asset tagging
  • Customized imaging
  • Customized configurations
  • Laser etching

Advanced Technology Configuration

Custom configuration of your advanced technology hardware, adhering to your specified implementation plan.

Dell Co- and Pro-Deploy

Seamless deployment of Dell Technologies hardware, in line with your business needs.

Optimizing the Value of Your IT

Managing IT in the modern era requires overseeing remote users, hybrid users, and a wide range of devices and endpoints. In this panel discussion, we provide an in-depth look at how best to utilize your IT to ensure your business reaches its fullest potential.

5 signs your business needs IT integration

  1. Inefficient or disjointed business processes: Cumbersome processes frustrate employees and drain productivity. Relying too much on manual data entry, especially entering the same data into different systems, is inefficient and prone to errors. IT integration can help streamline your processes, automate data entry, reduce errors and inconsistencies, and increase efficiency.
  2. Disparate and incompatible systems: If your business has multiple systems that don't communicate with each other, it can lead to data silos and inconsistencies across your organization. Errors, service delays, and other problems are sure to follow. IT integration services can help connect your systems, allowing them to work together seamlessly.
  3. Lack of real-time data: Making informed decisions quickly requires access to up-to-date information. IT integration services can help provide real-time data visibility into your business operations and performance.
  4. Customer complaints: If your customers are experiencing delays, errors, or other issues, it could be a sign that your systems are not integrated. IT integration services can help improve the customer experience by providing a seamless, efficient, and reliable service.
  5. Scaling difficulties: If your business is growing, managing multiple systems and processes can make scaling a challenge. IT integration services can help you optimize your systems and processes to support your growth now and in the future.

Digital transformation through IT integration is the solution – and one of our specialties. We ask the right questions, listen to understand, and remain notoriously nimble. Because embracing change requires swift, deliberate action.

Whatever you need . . . Consider IT done.

Want to accelerate technology deployment, streamline operations, and so much more?

Take the first step to transforming your business with Zones IT Integration Services.