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Network Modernization Services

Wired / Wi-Fi / SD-WAN

Building Your Now Network for Tomorrow

Technology is evolving faster than ever – now. And while many IT insiders either fear change or ignore its inevitability, here at Zones, we embrace it.

For us, modernization is another way of saying "for now." That means our experts remain customer-centered and nimble enough to respond to technology as it changes, so you and your business can relax knowing that we've got your today and your tomorrow covered.

"Whatever you need, our experts can provide the Network Modernization Services you need to make the most of your IT resources."

Improve visibility and accelerate business goals

Enterprise networking. Wi-Fi networking. SD-WAN. Whatever you need, our experts can provide the Network Modernization Services you need to make the most of your IT resources.

Assessment and Advisory Services

Our experts check out your current environment and recommend a workable plan.

Build, Migrate, and Modernize

We handle all the necessities – refresh, integration, testing, migration, and transformation.

Monitoring Services

We offer uptime, capacity, network security, bandwidth, and WAN link monitoring.

Network Management

We listen to your needs and create a personalized plan that can include management services, IP address management, network optimization, quality services management, vendor consolidation, a customized onshore/offshore model, and monthly or per-device fee options.


Manage Configurations Using Network Configuration Management (NCM)

Learn how to use network configuration management to audit the configurations of network devices, take their backups, and recover, if needed, from the central console.

5 signs your network needs an upgrade

You probably need to modernize if you're experiencing:

  1. Decreased performance: With an outdated network, your team can struggle to manage increased traffic from different directions.
  2. More complexity: Sub-optimal networks are highly fragmented, including many OEM products that must be supported across campus, branch, and data center environments.
  3. Lack of visibility: Today's businesses need real-time visibility across multi-vendor systems to keep IT issues from creating costly downtime.
  4. High costs: Legacy networks can be complex and time-consuming to maintain, making it tricky to optimize your budget and end wasteful spending.
  5. Increased digitization: As your network grows, your connectivity requirements will too, so you need an IT strategy that can keep up with the ever-increasing pace and demands.

Ready to improve performance and visibility across your entire enterprise?

Then you need a modern network. Reach out today so your tomorrow can begin as soon as possible.