Zones specializes in providing technology products, solutions, and services to the U.S. public sector.

Zones is your complete IT solutions provider for SLED solutions. For more information, contact your Zones Account Manager or call 800.381.9663


Zones can help you deploy technologies that enhance services for citizens and workers, while meeting administrative targets for performance and spending. With local offices spread across the U.S., Zones team members provide seamless support and services that ensure the integrity of your IT solutions.

State and Local

Zones can help you accelerate change by leveraging our experience with a wide range of government entities and specialized knowledge of contracting and contract administration. We'll move quickly to make sure you achieve your goals for improving IT.

K-12 Education

Zones provides IT solutions for students, faculty, and administrative staff to track progress, personalize learning, improve efficiency, and meet reporting requirements. Leverage our experience in education and specialized knowledge of contracting and contract administration.

Higher Education

Zones higher education team is helping IT leaders solve their unique set of challenges as they work to address diverse device support, research-grade performance expectations, extreme demands on wireless networks, and aging infrastructures.