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Education IT Solutions

Dedication and Expertise

Like the education field, IT requires dedication and expertise. We have both. Technology is personal to us. It's been our driving mission – and passion – for more than 35 years. Together, we can create more efficient and productive workplaces and learning spaces for teachers, students, and administrative staff.

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"Our customer-centered approach puts human relationships and expertise front and center."

We're advancing education through digital transformation.

K-12 Education

Modernize the IT solutions students, faculty, and administrative staff need to track progress, personalize learning, improve efficiency, and meet reporting requirements. Leverage our experience in education and specialized knowledge of contracting and contract administration.

Higher Education

Get the expertise and support your IT leaders need to solve their unique set of challenges as they work to address diverse device support, extreme demands on wireless networks, aging infrastructures, and security.


Enabling Student Success in Higher Education

Explore how Apple products can help you create amazing experiences focused on student success in a hybrid learning environment.

In a world full of "Nos," we approach every solution with a "Yes" mindset.

Our customer-centered approach puts human relationships and expertise front and center. We listen first. And we're committed to solving your problems with Yes instead of No. This mindset keeps people at the center of every solution we build, every digital infrastructure we implement, and every device we deliver.

As your education IT partner, we can assess, recommend, and implement technology solutions that improve student outcomes and support teaching and learning.

Helping you solve your most pressing education IT challenges

Managing and securing large amounts of data, including student and faculty records, test scores, and financial information.
Providing reliable and secure access to online learning resources and communication tools.
Implementing and maintaining technology infrastructure, including networks, servers, and hardware.
Keeping software and systems up-to-date and in compliance with regulatory requirements.
Providing technical support to students, faculty, and staff.
Implementing and managing cybersecurity measures to protect against cyber threats.
Providing analytics and data insights to help you make better-informed decisions about technology and how it's used.

Ready to inspire greater education outcomes?

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