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Streamlined procurement for IT solutions

Manage every aspect of your Zones account with our web-based self-service platform.

With ZonesConnect™, you'll have deep visibility into your company's standards, quotes, orders, shipments, and more. You'll be able to streamline the entire procurement process – and save time and money for years to come.


  • Instant product updates
  • Updated to a modern look/feel
  • Browse by product tile
  • Enhanced search standards
  • Consolidated order lookup

Pricing and availability

ZonesConnect™ gives you instant access to stock levels and current pricing for everything on your standards list.

Product standards and shopping lists

ZonesConnect™ allows authorized users to build shopping lists and purchase IT solutions from a catalog of pre-approved SKUs. This ensures consistent standards and pricing for all of your IT purchases.

Order status and invoice visibility

ZonesConnect™ provides instant access to all orders and invoices processed in the last 14 days. You can also select custom date ranges to view older orders and invoices.

Customized purchase authorization and approval

ZonesConnect™ enables you to define authorization by employee, product type, or dollar amount, giving you complete control of IT procurement for your organization.

PunchOut catalogs

We can build out a custom catalog that integrates with your e-procurement system, further simplifying specification, order, and payment for IT purchases.

Quotes and orders

ZonesConnect™ enables authorized users to select approved SKUs and quantities for quote generation, immediate processing, or later approval by your procurement team, all at your company's discretion.

Customized reporting

ZonesConnect™ lets you track your purchasing history and generate custom reports that include the criteria you select. You can create reports in real time or have them emailed to you on the cadence you choose.

Purchase order and invoice EDI customization

ZonesConnect™ easily connects with leading e-procurement platforms including Ariba and Coupa.

E-commerce consulting

We can build out a custom catalog that integrates with your e-procurement system, further simplifying specification, order, and payment for IT purchases.

Active directory integration

Use your company's Active Directory database to validate users when they log into ZonesConnect™. We can also use it to receive key information, such as ID numbers and company codes. (Active Directory is a database typically used to store user accounts and passwords in one secure location.)

* Disclaimer: Savings calculated from Zones.com List Price. Some products and services are excluded from this promotion (e.g., Clearance items, warranties, and some services), and some products and services may not reflect the full 5% savings. The savings can't be combined with any customer contract pricing, does not apply to previous quotes/purchases, and is void where otherwise prohibited by law. Zones reserves the right to discontinue or adjust the savings at any time. Not applicable to resellers.

Getting started is easy, too. Ask your Zones account manager to activate your free ZonesConnect™ site today.

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