Retail IT Solutions

Retail IT success stories start here.




Retail IT Solutions

Retail IT success stories start here.




Retail IT Solutions

Retail IT success stories start here.

Accelerate Your Retail Digital Transformation

Save time and money. And free yourself from the IT complexities of opening, closing, and refreshing retail stores and branch offices. From end to end, Zones will bring order, visibility, and efficiency to a chaotic process.

Our expertise
is to your advantage.

IT solutions for the retail industry are complex, costly, and rarely meet your time objectives. And in-house IT teams often need help to keep up with the required technical knowledge.

That's where we come in with an innovative, cost-effective package of expert services, technology products, and software.

Technology is personal to us.

We believe that technology without people is limited. To reach its full potential, technology must have people behind it and in front of it, elevating and propelling it forward.

That mindset helps explain why Fortune 500 companies and small businesses have turned to Zones to modernize thousands of store and branch locations.

We can do the same for you.

Get started with a FREE, no-obligation Smart Retail Assessment.

"The pressure was enormous for Zones to complete this particular project, as this was our largest store ever opened in North America. It required a fully collaborative effort involving almost every department at Zones to pull this project off at the scale and pace that were needed. Because of the teamwork and partnership involved, Zones helped us open our largest store ever in 2019!"

— Global Account Manager
Worldwide Coffee Brand

How Zones' retail IT solutions benefit your business

Simplify every process and empower your workflows. We'll take end-to-end ownership of your retail technology deployments and lifecycle management.
Consolidate and refresh your IT asset fleet with dynamic insights that give you a competitive edge.
Leverage Zones' eco-friendly disposition of outdated retail IT assets.
Realize significant cost savings by consolidating and operating all critical store systems in a centralized manner. And by shifting activities to Zones, you force multiply your mission-critical efforts while reducing IT costs.
Go where you want to grow. Across the U.S. and more than 100 countries worldwide, our competitors can't match our ability to help you grow.

Our end-to-end Retail IT services expedite your transformation and support you at every stage.

A free, no-obligation Smart Retail Assessment kicks things off. We'll evaluate your existing process for location addition, refresh, move, and closure and identify gaps in visibility, planning, and efficiency.

Additional services include:

Design and implementation

Project management

Cabling installation

Custom configuration and testing for deployed devices

Provision, enroll and fully commission Apple products

Complete equipment installation services

Fee-for-service break/fix option for equipment repairs as part of, or in addition to, any managed services agreements

IT asset disposition

IT staff augmentation

24/7/365 technical support

How Will Your Smart Retail Transformation Look?

Smart retail is about using the Internet of Things (IoT) to adapt and innovate. With smart technologies, Zones will help you transform traditional brick-and-mortar shopping into faster, more convenient, and more engaging customer experiences.

Zones can help modernize your store or branch office by seamlessly managing the sourcing and deployment of innovative solutions.

Contactless Curbside Pickup

Customers have now come to expect this popular option. To succeed, you need mobile devices that support collaboration, analytics, and sales transactions. We can help.

Smart Dressing Rooms

Customers can adjust the lighting in their room, view garments in different sizes and colors, and browse through recommendations based on what they are trying on. In addition, augmented reality (AR) mirrors let customers try on different outfits in virtual locations.

Traffic Heatmaps

Capture anonymous location analytics about where shoppers walked and stopped in your store. Identify high-performing traffic areas and support decisions about merchandising, staff assignments, and store floor plans.

Managed Wi-Fi

Add value to the customer experience and give them a reason to stay longer – and potentially spend more– by offering free Wi-Fi. Zones makes it easy to get set up.

Featured Partners

Zones' strategic partnerships with top-tier technology companies ensure you won't get cookie-cutter solutions from us.

Accelerate your digital transformation with Zones. Get started with a FREE, no-obligation Smart Retail Assessment.