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Software Asset Management

Gain deep visibility into your software landscape and take data-driven actions to maximize the ROI on your software assets.

Use Actionable Insights to Optimize Your Software Landscape

Achieve visibility into every piece of software running on your systems and discover cost-saving opportunities to maximize the value of your software assets.

Identify and inventory your
software footprint
Optimal contract and renewal management
Software lifecycle management

As business becomes synonymous with digital, organizations are leveraging more and more software and digital tools to achieve their desired outcomes. New software requests are submitted every day, and over the course of its growth, the software footprint of the organization grows beyond control.

While digital tools are crucial in the era of digital business, it is equally important to ensure that you extract maximum ROI from your software assets. This, however, is not possible without achieving complete visibility into your software landscape.

But lack of visibility into your software footprint has implications beyond costs. It increases security and non-compliance risks arising from use of unauthorized software, and it can lead to disruptions due to delayed renewals and accumulation of unused licenses.

The solution is to gain deep visibility into your ecosystem and maximize the software asset lifecycle with Software Asset Management (SAM) solutions from Zones. Uncover every piece of software running in your enterprise systems, eliminate all gaps in contract renewal and licensing coverage, and take a continuous approach to software asset lifecycle management.

"Uncover every piece of software running in your enterprise systems, eliminate all gaps in contract renewal and licensing coverage, and take a continuous approach to software asset lifecycle management."

End-to-end software asset management solutions to optimize every phase of your software asset lifecycle

Software Landscape Assessment

Identify and inventory your existing software footprint with a non-intrusive, agentless tool developed by Zones

Identify server operating systems, map your virtualization footprint, and track your shifting application landscape.

Automatically detect relevant information for SQL and Oracle databases.

Gain a unified view of subscription plans and measure provisioning and consumption ratios.

Detect machines without adequate protection and vulnerabilities in installed software.

Software Contract and Renewal Management

Eliminate gaps in license coverage and keep contracts up to date at all times

Select appropriate licensing programs and get recommendations for step-up options.

Keep licensing choices aligned to changing budgets and business needs.

Renew contracts on time and improve compliance with software licensing terms.

Reduce overages and maximize utilization of existing licenses.

Software Asset Lifecycle Management

Achieve effective oversight and control over your software assets throughout their entire lifecycle.

Reduce the costs, risks, and complexity associated with end-to-end software management.

Continuously analyze the state of your software environment through ongoing collaboration.

Review software purchases, upcoming events, annual payments, and end-of-life announcements on a quarterly basis.

Expand your technical knowledge and skills on enterprise technologies with Zones workshops.

The business benefits of software asset management excellence

Cost benefits

Eliminate or reallocate underused software licenses and consolidate licensing plans and subscriptions.


Mitigate unexpected software costs and ensure that only authorized software is running in your systems.


Mitigate endpoint and software vulnerabilities in time and minimize your exposure to known threats.


Ensure that procured software is being utilized according to stipulated terms and conditions.


Identify unsupported platforms and applications that are approaching end-of-support and plan updates in advance.


Implement a standardized and controlled mechanism to procure new software or licenses.

6 reasons to trust Zones with software asset management for your enterprise

A dedicated software licensing executive to maintain your contract lifecycle.

Quarterly reviews of your software asset landscape and recommendations for new services.

A proprietary tool to automatically inventory your existing software footprint.

Strategic partnerships with software providers to keep you ahead of upcoming developments.

Decades of experience negotiating the best prices for enterprise customers.

Timely renewal of contracts to lock in low prices for your organization.

Ready to maximize the ROI on your software assets?

Take the time and complexity out of software asset management.