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    Financing & Leasing

    Zones IT financial services can help you keep pace with innovation, support strategic goals and manage your IT infrastructure.

    Zones can help bring the benefits of new technology to your organization while protecting your capital and cash resources. Whether you are purchasing hardware and software or planning an entire project, Zones can put together a finance package that aligns with your business priorities, budget cycles and your choice of IT solutions.

    Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663 for the best advice, experience, solutions and services.

    Get the technology to succeed, now

    Adapt your IT infrastructure to keep in line with business objectives or as new technologies are introduced, without major cash expenditures. At the same time, eliminate the time-consuming searches and the costly management associated with multiple financial contracts from different companies.

    Zones can arrange financing for product purchases from one of our partners. And we can set up a single contract for integrated solutions architected with products from multiple manufacturers. We can also make it possible that during the term of the contract you can refresh a proportion of the original IT solution for new equipment.

    Keep your IT infrastructure current, plus:

    • Attain predictable and more manageable monthly payments
    • Conserve capital and fix technology costs
    • Get 100% financing, including software and services
    • See immediate ROI with reduced up-front costs
    • Expand your organization's financial resources

    Now that you know why financing is such a good idea, find out what Zones can offer your organization. Contact your Zones account manager or call 1.800.408.9663.

    Match your financial solution to your strategies

    Zones has specialized expertise and experience in financing technology products. On your behalf, we'll search for the best rates and terms from our trusted financial partners. You'll receive a thorough lease comparison and consultation so that you can make an informed budgetary decision.

    To give you maximum flexibility and choice, Zones draws on a wide range of financing and partner programs, including leases, loans and special offers.

    • Fair market value lease (up to 36 months)
    • $1 Out lease (up to 60 months)
    • Uniquely structured software payment programs

    Zones will help you achieve the lowest possible total cost of ownership (TCO) with end-of-lease terms based on your technology strategy, budget and financial plans, as well as the equipment's operational capabilities. End-of-lease options include the equipment being purchased for a nominal amount and the return of equipment.