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Virtualization & Cloud Management

VMware vRealize Suite

Use cloud management purpose-built for the hybrid cloud

VMware vRealize Suite is a cloud management platform purpose-built for the hybrid cloud. It provides a comprehensive management stack for IT services on vSphere and other hypervisors, physical infrastructure and external clouds, all with a unified management experience.

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Automated Provisioning and Delivery of IT Services
Automate provisioning and delivery of infrastructure, applications and custom IT services across multiple hypervisors, private and public cloud services through a self-service portal and catalog.

Capacity and Resource Optimization
Reclaim overprovisioned resources, increases utilization and optimize resource scaling on-site or in a public cloud.

Unified Monitoring and Performance Management
Enable intelligent operations management from applications to storage across physical, virtual and cloud environments using predictive analytics and an integrated approach to performance, capacity, logs and configuration management.

IT Service Costing and Metering
Optimize workload placement with cost analysis, rate cards and consumption metering for showback and chargeback across private and public cloud infrastructure services.