Software Licensing - VMware Volume Licensing Program Overview

VMware is the world's leading provider of virtualization solutions for x86-based servers and desktops. Through a pioneering approach to virtualization, VMware technology works to separate the software from the underlying hardware. This allows a single computer to run multiple operating systems and applications, delivering significant improvements in efficiency, availability, flexibility and manageability.

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Program Name
Minimum Purchase Requirements
Customer Profile
Customer Type
VMware Volume Purchasing Program (VPP)
VMware's Volume Purchasing Program is designed for $25K-$175K US MSRP VMware's Volume Purchasing Program is designed for $25K-$175K US MSRP
VPP is an accumulative program that provides incremental, tier-based discounts over a two year period.
Corporate, Federal
VMware Enterprise Purchasing Program (EPP)
VMware's Enterprise Purchasing Program (EPP) is designed for deals starting at $250K - $600k US MSRP or $50K on renewals.
EPP provides VMware customers with a flexible purchasing vehicle to buy tokens that are redeemable on-line for a broad range of VMware product licenses during a three year period.
Corporate, Academic using Commercial SKUs
VMware Enterprise Licensing Agreement (ELA)
Large Accounts that want a quantities of VMware products $600K US MSRP and more
The VMware Enterprise License Agreement (ELA) Preferred Pricing program is designed for customers who are committing to large purchases and a strategic relationship with VMware.
Corporate, Federal
VMware Transactional Purchasing Program(TPP)
Minimum 50 points per order
TPP is an aggregate purchase program for qualifying U.S. Federal Government customers.
Qualifying U.S. Federal Government customers