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Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions

Zones deploys IoT solutions - and helps you future-proof your business

IoT is at the center of a powerful technology revolution. It connects once separate technologies to deliver business results in ways that were previously impossible or impractical.

IoT Strategy

The Zones proven approach to IoT

IoT is the way businesses - and the world - are moving toward a highly interconnected network of machines, sensors, cameras, controllers, and other "things" communicating information over robust networks to data centers, where it can be processed and evaluated before initiating automated responses in near-real-time. IoT is complex and can be confusing, and implementation requires a plan unique to every organization, with a focus on achieving specific results.

Zones has a proven approach to deploying IoT solutions. It involves ongoing partnerships with our customers that leverage our expertise and IoT experience, and our customers in depth knowledge of their business. Both are required to effectively achieve the organization's unique requirements and goals.

Our strategy is based on a prescriptive approach that leverages a number of important principles:

  • IoT solutions work best with a top-down, enterprise-wide approach that considers all of your organization's goals from the start.
  • An intelligent facility provides the foundation for IoT, tying all systems together so that new interactions, data sharing, automation, and analytics can drive extraordinary value.
  • All solutions should be deployed in a manner that is compatible with the IoT World Reference Model. This will ensure that new and emerging solutions can easily fit into your architecture, future-proofing your organization.
  • Deploying proven repeatable solutions reduces risk and cost. Standard solutions are "tuned" and then have industry-specific sensors, applications, and analytics layered on top to meet unique industry goals and requirements.
  • Effectively delivering these complex, industry-specific solutions requires an extensive ecosystem of strategic partnerships.

Zones' IoT practice is built from the ground up to facilitate solutions based on the five key principles. The result is a leading IoT solutions integrator with a team of IoT professionals that has the technology expertise, industry background, proven success, and strategic partnerships in place to deliver world-class, innovative IoT solutions.

Industry Solutions

"Tuning" IoT for Unique Value

Every industry has different requirements and needs, and your organization has unique goals and challenges. Zones recognizes that it isn't enough to deploy the same IoT solution for every organization. The standard solutions must be "tuned" and adjusted for you. That's why Zones has experts with specific experience and background in multiple industries.

Zones integrates IoT solutions with your specific industry and your specific goals in mind. Each solution is tailored to your business to provide customized value. Even more importantly, our comprehensive, enterprise-wide intelligent facility approach to IoT weaves the individual solutions together, creating a tapestry of value specific to your goals.

We create a framework where each system hears and understands the information being provided by every other solution, and orchestrates the interactions and automation that your business needs. Zones then layers in industry specific applications and analytics on top of the intelligent facility to drive results that haven't been available until the last several years.

Industry Specific Application of IoT

Zones is delivering IoT solutions that meet the needs of multiple industries: from finance, energy, and retail to schools, cities, and utilities. In each industry, we are able to partner closely with our customers to deliver unprecedented value.

Additionally, Zones has created additional depth and expertise, creating comprehensive enterprise-wide solution sets in the following industries:

  • Real estate: Intelligent office buildings
  • Healthcare: Intelligent hospitals
  • Manufacturing: Intelligent plants, refineries, and warehouses
  • Hospitality: Intelligent hotels and entertainment venues

Accelerate IoT Deployment

Bundled IoT Solutions Mean Fast Implementation

Zones provides IoT services designed to help you dramatically accelerate solution deployment in your organization. We help you see real results and exceptional ROI in record time.

We use a prescriptive approach for translating business goals into IoT solutions that deliver successful outcomes. Each proven solution is prepackaged to help you achieve a specific result:

  • Develop an understanding of the value IoT can bring to your organization and develop a strategic roadmap for implementation.
  • Gain an understanding of how ready your company is to deploy an IoT solution infrastructure effectively.
  • Deploy a specific IoT solution from concept to a fully integrated solution that is providing expected results and ROI within 60 days.

The Envisioning Session

We recommend that every organization start with a white boarding session facilitated by Zones IoT solution specialists and industry experts. Many organizations are still trying to gain an understanding of the best way to leverage the value of IoT in their business. In this Envisioning Session, our team works directly with your key stakeholders to develop an understanding of what is possible with IoT technologies, and how these technologies can solve your specific problems. The Envisioning Session also helps you create a specific IoT implementation strategy and roadmap, as well as a high-level view of the costs and ROI.

The Readiness Assessment

The Readiness Assessment often follows the development of an IoT roadmap, and is a multi-day to one-week service performed by Zones IoT solution specialists and engineers. This service provides an on-site evaluation of your systems, infrastructure, and processes to determine their capability and readiness for new IoT solutions. While it is primarily a technology assessment addressing current capabilities and capacity, the service also addresses high-level changes that may be needed in process and staff.

The Accelerated Prototype

Our Accelerated Prototype service combines an Envisioning Session, a Readiness Assessment, and a proof of concept prototype.

Following the Envisioning session, our specialists will join you in selecting a single IoT project that will address a specific business need. The Zones team then performs a Readiness Assessment to ensure compatibility and deploys the selected solution to prove the goals of the project will be achieved when the solution is placed in production. This entire process - from concept to measurable results - is typically accomplished within 40 business days, and is designed to rapidly confirm the solution will meet long-term objectives.

The Framework for Future Success

All of these services are based on a proven methodology to achieving IoT success and delivered by Zones experts who partner with your team to ensure success.

They are part of a larger prescriptive approach to developing a comprehensive IoT foundation and architecture designed to maximize the benefit of IoT across your entire organization as quickly as possible, while minimizing cost and risk.

Contact your Zones IoT Solution Specialist to learn more about our bundled offerings.

Intelligent Facilities

The foundation for IoT solutions

An intelligent facility is a location aligned with your organization's strategic goals, with all of the systems tied together and interacting in such a way that they create new features, capabilities, automation, and control. The result is a facility "tuned" to your specific industry that creates unique efficiencies, cost savings, and productivity.

Zones creates intelligent facilities through a set of standard solutions that can be deployed cost effectively and with low risk for any individual facility. Each of the solutions we offer individually provides significant value to our customers when appropriately designed and implemented.

But the value of the sum is much greater than the value of the individual solutions. When Zones ties multiple solutions together on a common Ethernet infrastructure, allowing the systems to communicate with each other, share information, and interact with each other - it creates an Intelligent Facility that delivers unparalleled value.

Every industry and facility type can benefit. Zones experts are currently building intelligent hospitals, intelligent factories, intelligent refineries, intelligent campuses, intelligent hotels, and intelligent offices, as well as many other types of intelligent facilities.

Standard solutions applicable to all facilities

Developing an Intelligent Facility is a process that often starts with the deployment of one or more standard solutions. Zones has developed world-class capabilities in each of these solutions because they deliver value and ROI to your business immediately and help provide the connectivity infrastructure to drive additional IoT solutions:

Video surveillance
Access control
Energy management
Location tracking
Integrated communications
Digital signage and AV

Making the intelligent facility work for you

Zones understands that your organization is unique. Every standard solution is deployed with your unique goals, needs, and challenges in mind and provides unique value to your organization. Additionally, our teams of experts have the industry specific expertise to layer special sensors, applications, and analytics on top of the connectivity framework to further customize your Intelligent Facility to serve you.

How would an intelligent facility revolutionize your organization?

Contact a Zones practice solution specialist to understand what others are doing and how to get started on your facilities.