Working. Together.

We develop IT solutions around four key strategic areas – Digital Workplace Modernization, Network Optimization, Data Center Transformation, and Security Fortification.

We work closely with our clients – from the moment we first make contact, throughout the lifecycle of a project, and beyond.
Our IT solutions address the business challenges of today – flexibility, productivity, scalability, compatibility, and security. And with a global team of over 2,000 hardware and software specialists, serving theses needs has become our number one focus. The goal is simple, too – enhance your return on investment, improve efficiency, and optimize workflows.

Solution Environments

Digital Workplace Modernization

Designing the Workplace of Tomorrow

  • Mobility
  • Cloud
  • Collaboration
  • IoT
  • End-User SaaS
  • Collaboration
  • Device-as-a-Service
  • Lifecycle Services

Network Optimization

From WAN to Workplace

  • Networking
  • Mobility
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud
  • Wireless First
  • Intelligent Edge
  • SD WAN & Access
  • Cloud Connectivity

Data Center Transformation

Advancing your Infrastructure

  • Data Center
  • Cloud
  • Hyperconverged
  • Virtualization
  • Rack & Roll
  • Disaster Recovery
  • LaaS
  • Security
  • Security
  • Security

Security Fortification - Protecting Your Users and Your Data

  • Endpoint Security
  • Network Access Control
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Malware & Content Filtering
  • Next Gen Firewall & IPS

Zones Solutions & Services

Data Center

Your data center isn't going anywhere, it's going everywhere.


Increasing your success by putting it in other people's hands.


Bringing teams together, no matter how far apart they sit.


The forecast calls for 80% of your IT to be in the cloud by 2020.


When it comes to your network, are you playing it safe?

Internet of Things (IoT)

Devices are only as smart as the strategy behind them.

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Zones partners closely with clients to develop solid solutions around five architectural areas: virtualization and the cloud; storage and data protection; network infrastructure; unified communications and collaboration, and mobility and end-user management.

The world is changing

No one can argue this, especially as it relates to technology.
  • The use of mobile devices continues to explode
  • Video and other rich media are more and more pervasive
  • The data we store and retain is growing exponentially along with our need to analyze it

IT must change along with it

In order to keep up with the changing world, the style of computing, infrastructure architectures, and how IT is organized all must go through a transformation. But not all IT organizations are equipped to handle the change and meet the challenges and goals of reducing cost and improving alignment with the business.