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Advanced Technologies

Summer 2016

This edition of Solutions provides a look at a wide range of issues facing IT leaders today. You'll learn how a hybrid infrastructure can help balance the competing needs for speed, agility, resources, risks, and costs in the data center; get a look at the many ways IoT technology is revolutionizing facilities management; see how today's mobility solutions are supporting more efficient operations in a number of industries; get some last-minute advice on executing a SQL Server migration; and more.


Data Center

Winter 2015

In this edition of Solutions, explore technologies that actualize data center agility. Learn how software defined networking increases data center flexibility, scalability, and control. Continue exploring software-based technology by seeing the potential hyperconvergence has for both IT and business. Since agility is critical to leveraging the Internet of Things, investigate architectural strategies for data center optimization. Plus delve into IT asset management, cloud capacity planning, data center security, and Microsoft SQL Server migration.



Issue SJ109 Fall 2015

Zones Solutions Journal is now Solutions by Zones, and we're re-launching with a comprehensive look at business mobility. You'll learn how retail, entertainment, and aviation industry leaders are leveraging beacon technology; get a quick take on Microsoft's all-new mobile-centric Windows 10 OS; see some tips for keeping your mobile workforce and infrastructure safe; and learn the benefits of creating a Mobile Center of Excellence. You'll also learn how a telecom expense management solution can help you gain control of runaway mobile and terrestrial voice and data communication costs.


Digital Signage

Issue SJ108 Summer 2015

This issue of the Zones Solutions Journal dives into the opportunities for digital signage and offers methods to help your organization make the most of a digital signage system. Among other topics, we explore the most impactful applications for digital signage in any industry, and the key elements of a complete digital signage solution. We also outline strategic considerations and how to translate strategy into a value assessment – so that you can quantify and track the return on your digital signage investment.



Issue SJ107 Spring 2015

This issue of Zones Solutions Journal  takes a holistic look at enterprise mobility, and offers up a variety of ways your organization can take mobility to a higher – and more secure – level. Among other topics, we explore the state of mobile security and detail the issues you'll need to address if you want to safeguard your systems from the bad guys. We also identify the significant shortcomings of BYOD, and share strategies for implementing a more secure and controllable CYOD program for your organization.


Advanced Technologies

Issue SJ106 Winter 2015

We are seeing entirely new categories of information technology emerge, gain acceptance, and undergo widespread implementation. Internet of Things (IoT) – barely a blip on the radar two years ago – is practically a full-fledged industry itself. Explore business events that should trigger IoT implementation. And read about how Zones is helping a customer use IoT technologies to improve productivity, communications, and security.


The 3rd Platform

Issue SJ105 Fall 2014

This edition of Zones Solutions Journal gives you some perspective on how Zones is helping IT leaders unlock value from Third Platform technologies right now. In this issue, we focus on the Mobility and Cloud aspects, and share details on a comprehensive Smart Building project which Zones implemented in Houston that put the Internet of Things front and center. You’ll also have the chance to get to know our CEO Murray Wright quite a bit better. Wright shares his vision for the company in a candid interview, closing out his first year at the helm.


Mobility Roundtable: Zones experts discuss drivers, players and pitfalls

Issue SJ104 Spring 2014

A special feature of this issue is a candid roundtable discussion by Zones mobility experts about the critical challenges and opportunities that IT leaders must address in enabling their organizations to "go mobile." Also, see two related articles about the decision maker's mobility checklist and the risky new trend of mobile workarounds. In addition, we provide "5 steps for a successful migration away from Windows XP," plus a look at Zones’ global presence for IT solutions and services, and more.


Demystifying the Cloud — and Delivering It on Your Terms

Issue SJ103 Fall 2013

What are the first steps to the cloud? Read our featured article, which details the Zones Cloud Solutions offerings and strategy, and discusses why the cloud will benefit your organization (if you value enhanced productivity and better cost control). Also, see why the time is now to migrate away from Windows XP, learn more about the variety of tablets available from Zones, and get new insights on the promise of software-defined networking.