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Welcome to the Zones network storage solutions resource center. Here you'll find valuable information, products and services for your data center from simple explanations and demonstrations to comprehensive solutions.

SAN: Storage Area Network
Storage Area Network (SAN) provides centralized information management
and resource utilization

SAN Video

NAS: Network Attached Storage
Network Attached Storage (NAS) is an immediate, low-cost solution for small workgroup settings

NAS Video

DAS: Direct Attached Storage
Direct Attached Storage (DAS) extends
server storage and has a low
acquisition cost

Backup Devices
Devices to protect, restore and
archive data

Backup Video

Storage Infrastructure
Everything to build and maintain
a network- switches, HBAs, cables,
RAID controllers and uninterruptible
power supply

Flexible, scalable and affordable solutions for storage management, data protection, server management, virtualization, and backup/restore

IT Governance & Compliance
Storage technology is integral to corporate compliance initiatives.

Zones Professional Services
Zones solutions are customized to help address your core lifecycle activities, and they ensure quick, cost-effective value to your business, preparing you for future growth initiatives.

If you need help building the right solution, contact our Network Storage Specialists or call your Zones Account Executive.