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    Kaspersky Security for Virtualization

    Kaspersky Security for Virtualization is an agentless anti-malware solution that provides a more efficient way to protect your virtualized infrastructure — with greater performance and less impact on virtualization density. The application is easy to deploy and includes advanced management features that simplify a wide range of security tasks across both physical and virtual computing assets.

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    • One-time installation: Because Kaspersky Security for Virtualization is an agentless anti-malware solution, it only has to be installed once on a physical server in order to protect all virtual machines on that server.
    • Higher density virtualization: There is no duplication of antivirus software and signature database.
    • Improved performance, due to higher efficiency scanning.
    • Automatic protection, for newly configured virtual machines and dormant virtual machines that are activated.
    • "Update storms" are eliminated: All updates of the anti-malware engine and signature database only need to be performed once per physical server, not once per virtual machine.
    • "Scanning storms" are prevented: Intelligent, load-balancing mechanisms help to guard against overload and limit the number of concurrent scans.