Zero Touch Deployment with Windows Autopilot

Do you have employees working remote?

Deploying Windows can be a complex process. But there is a more efficient way with Windows Autopilot at Zones, as you deploy Windows 10 within minutes and without any IT infrastructure at all on any major OEM PC.

Once deployed users can securely access the unique apps and services they need while substantially reducing your IT costs.

Autopilot and Zones

To learn more about Zones' Microsoft Windows Autopilot, our affiliated services and ways we can simplify your workflow and deployment processes, contact your Zones account manager, email or fill out this simple form and start the conversation today. At Zones we offer Autopilot technical briefings. Our technical experts are more than happy to walk you through how Windows Autopilot can streamline your IT workflow and answer your questions.

Be sure to ask how you can get started with Autopilot for free (this is a limited time offer when coupling Autopilot with other services offered from Zones).

Windows autopilot is the solution. Zones gives you two ways to deploy it.

Out of the box and ready to go

Unbox and turn on your Windows device. Windows Autopilot configures it from the cloud in a few steps.

Keep track of the whole process

Windows Autopilot shows users how their configuration is progressing.

Provisioning without the hassle

Deliver a better user experience with personalization and a simple setup.

Move to the cloud at your own pace

Connect devices deployed with Windows Autopilot to Azure Active Directory (AD) and mobile device management.

Comparing Traditional vs. Modern Deployment

Build and maintain custom image, gathering everything else that's necessary to deploy

Wipe original OEM windows image and replace with custom image

Perform time consuming operations resulting in a higher cost

We pre-install an up-to-date Windows image on devices ordered from us

We register the Device ID and Autopilot Profile to Windows Autopilot Service

We ship and deliver directly to the client ready for end user

Zones Services for Autopilot

Windows 10 Assessment

By understanding how Windows 10 addresses application compatibility, organizational readiness and endpoint management, you'll be equipped to modernize your workplace desktop experience.

Windows Autopilot and Intune Setup

We will plan, design and implement Windows Autopilot and Intune - the future of device deployment designed to allow you to setup, preconfigure and repurpose the devices for your environment, with little or no infrastructure in place.

Stage and Configure

Our integration and logistics professionals around the world are here to help ensure all your new technology arrives on time and on budget.

Cloud Service Desk

Effectively managing devices is not enough. Users must be able to use the devices as intended. Zones Cloud Service Desk offers users the help they need, when they need it - whether it's supporting a new user, dealing with a lost device, or retrieving a forgotten password.

Deploying with Autopilot has never been easier

At Zones, we have best in class integration centers across the U.S. that have the ability to extract device data straight from the procurement stream and drop ship equipment straight to your end users. We also work directly with device OEMs to secure the information needed to enroll your new devices.

As a trusted advisor, we will accelerate your roadmap around modern device management. We will assess your environment to help you make informed decisions. Next, we can help you successfully design, implement, and manage Windows Autopilot, saving you time, money, and relieving any unneeded stress.