Oracle Database Appliance

Make Better Use of Your Data

Use a database appliance that's simple, optimized, and affordable – with new options for small to mid-size businesses and branch offices.

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Increased data and data management is a big concern for many. Oracle's Database Appliance (ODA) can help your business remaining competitive.

Fully Integrated System

  • Integrates software, compute, storage, and network resources to create a small footprint for database services so that IT staff doesn't have to take up time making multiple elements work together
  • All hardware and software components are engineered and supported by Oracle, bringing you a reliable and secure system with built-in automation including data backup and recovery
  • The number of processor cores, amount of main memory, and flash storage capacity is properly pre-allocated to provide optimal performance for your database workloads
Deploy databases and applications in minutes, not hours or days.

Ease Deployment, Management, and Support

  • Reduces complexity and the time it takes to integrate, test, and deploy a database solution while also ensuring configuration meets Oracle and your best practices
  • Simplifies maintenance by patching the entire appliance, including all firmware and software, using an Oracle-tested patch bundle engineered for the appliance
  • Flexibility to add in industry-standard cloud extensions, and ODA can provide backup across several industry-standard components

Save Money with On-Demand Licensing

  • Unique capacity-on-demand database software licensing model enables IT to quickly scale processor cores without any hardware upgrades, which can lead to tremendous savings
  • Starts with as few as two processor cores in the appliance and incrementally scales up to deliver the performance and reliability your business demands, and aligns spending with business growth
  • Availability of Standard Edition makes it cost effective for small enterprises, line-of-business departments, and branch offices to gain ODA benefits and improve productivity