Veritas Data Compliance & Governance

Veritas Alta Capture

Enterprises share enormous volumes of content across dozens of communication channels every day. Managing data capture, data collection, and data archive activities at that scale can be both time-consuming and costly. Veritas Alta Capture gives organizations powerful cloud-based capabilities that work to simplify data gathering and minimize compliance risk, no matter where the content is being shared.

Veritas Alta Archiving

Veritas Alta Archiving helps highly regulated organizations perform seamless data archive and data retention, enabling easy migration and automated identification of key content. For compliance officers and corporate legal IT, Veritas Alta Archiving is the proven solution to meet supervision and discovery requirements, reduce compliance risk, and control costs across all communication channels.

Veritas Alta Surveillance

Veritas Alta Surveillance is a cloud-based compliance management system that streamlines the monitoring and supervision of communications subject to regulation. With built-in automation, AI, machine learning, and natural language processing, Veritas Alta Surveillance enables organizations to quickly zero in on risky behavior, identify the most relevant content, and stay ahead of compliance obligations.

Veritas Alta eDiscovery

The scale and complexity of eDiscovery requirements can't be solved with a grab bag of point products. Veritas Alta eDiscovery is a powerful, integrated, cloud-based solution that enables organizations to easily collect, review, and produce electronically stored information for legal and investigation needs. This solution offers a higher level of performance and efficiency to give compliance professionals greater peace of mind.

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