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VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Assessment

Identify which users and applications will benefit most from virtualization

The VMware Desktop Infrastructure Virtualization Assessment helps customers begin the process of moving to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment by identifying both the users and desktops which are the best candidates to move into a virtual desktop environment, and the order in which those user groups and desktops should be virtualized to ensure broad satisfaction in your user community and success of your desktop virtualization initiative.

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The Desktop Infrastructure Virtualization Assessment service will:

  • Assist you in defining end user "use cases"
  • Classify end user groups and determine your virtualization candidacy
  • Analyze your environment to determine readiness for a VMware View rollout
  • Provide a requirements and recommendations report

Using industry best practices and in-depth experience in virtualization, VMware Professional Services consultants will work with your organization desktop virtualization deployment.