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Build a storage architecture that aligns with business and application demands

VMware software-defined storage is a simple, yet intelligent, storage data center architecture that aligns with business and application demands – eliminating static, purpose-built and inefficient hardware with dynamic, agile and automated solutions.

Software-defined storage (SDS) abstracts the underlying storage through a virtual data plane, making the VM, and thus the application, the fundamental unit of storage provisioning and management across heterogeneous storage systems. By creating a flexible separation between applications and available resources, the hypervisor can balance all IT resources – compute, memory, storage and networking – needed by an application.

The fastest path to an SDS implementation is through the deployment of a hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), built on VMware vSphere and Virtual SAN. HCI converges compute, storage and networking into a single, integrated layer of software that can run on any commodity x86 infrastructure. vSphere abstracts and aggregates compute and memory resources into logical pools of compute capacity, while Virtual SAN (embedded in vSphere) pools server-attached storage to create high performance, shared storage.

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Virtual SAN

Create radically simple shared storage for virtual machines from server-based storage, enabling a resilient, high-performance scale-out architecture that reduces TCO by as much as 50 percent.

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Site Recovery Manager

Protect your applications with disaster recovery software that provides simple management, non-disruptive testing and fully automated site recovery.

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