At Zebra, our mission is to build products and solutions that will empower end users to achieve their goals.

We embolden our clients by providing solutions that work flawlessly to streamline operations, boost efficiency and remove headaches.

Our products are always designed in close collaboration with partners and customers, listening to their needs and strategizing innovative solutions to solve their most pressing challenges. The end result? Purpose-built solutions that are guaranteed to operate in their work environment with ease and simplicity.

Small business owners are proud to be on the leading edge of a healthy and positive impact. They look to inspire other companies to aim higher by leaving things better and often look for ways to make their business operations more sustainable.

Between all of these goals and aspirations, small business owners are extremely busy. They just want products that work. They don't have a lot of time to fuss over products that are jamming or broken or complicated to use. Products that require a lot of management or time to setup simply won't do for this audience. They need simple and frustration-free.

SOHO owners operate from an entirely different mindset. They're not working for a paycheck. They're working for their lives – which is both exciting and terrifying. Their main goal and biggest vulnerability is staying in business. With every purchase decision that they make, they're considering how it will affect their business as a whole.

Small businesses want their dollar to go far. They don't have time to experiment with a myriad of product options and choices. The stakes are high. They need to know that when they purchase a product, it's going to work the way it was presented to them.