Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing (VAPT)

Comprehensive, proactive testing and analysis services to defend your organization against cyberthreats

We Hunt Down Security Weaknesses

At Zones, we take cyberthreats personally. That's why we have a healthy obsession with security.
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No doubt, you've seen the stories about ransomware and other cybersecurity attacks putting businesses in a chokehold.

A data breach that exposes sensitive information doesn't just harm your business' operations and reputation. It can also become a severe legal liability. Lawsuits may follow – and depending on your industry, you may also be subject to fines for failing to meet regulatory data protection compliance requirements such as SOX, HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, Gramm-Leach, and FedRAMP.

The risks are too great not to identify gaps in your cyber defenses. That's where our VAPT services come to the rescue.

"From Zones' state-of-the-art global facilities, our trusted IT security experts follow a structured, proactive approach to VAPT."

Proactive VAPT is a must

From Zones' state-of-the-art global facilities, our trusted IT security experts follow a structured, proactive approach to VAPT. As your service provider, we will:

Proactively enhance your IT security posture by comprehensively testing your IT infrastructure, including applications, servers, and network components.

Analyze test results to uncover vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure at the OS, applications, and network levels and reduce your information and infrastructure security risk.

Help you comply with regulatory standards and increase overall operational efficiency.

End-to-end support

We go beyond traditional VAPT programs to fortify your cyber defenses. We'll perform comprehensive vulnerability scanning and reporting in which we:

  1. Assess your security posture
  2. Identify gaps and check for potential risks
  3. Identify false positives
  4. Provide further analysis of vulnerabilities

False Positive Analysis

Identification of false positives plays an important role in vulnerability management. Our thorough analysis eliminates false positives, significantly reducing the time and energy you spend on unnecessary remediation fixes.

Risk Analysis

We'll provide risk analysis for every major vulnerability. Each analysis describes the business impact of the vulnerability and recommends steps to remediate the problem.

Dashboard View

Access the status of your VAPT program and gain a complete view of your organization's threat landscape.


Building a Zero-Trust Roadmap

For cybersecurity nowadays, there's only one truly airtight strategy: “zero trust.” Discover how your organization can establish a zero-trust approach.

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