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Zones Threat & Opportunity Advisory Assessment

Gain insights into your technology with an assessment.

A lack of insight can undo the value of even the best technology

Introducing new technology creates challenges when it comes to security, supportability, and cost optimization. To make the most of your Microsoft services, you need detailed insights into devices, software, license management, and usage patterns.

Make the most of your software and technology

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The Threat & Opportunity Advisory Assessment is a report that pinpoints security vulnerabilities and redundant software as well as opportunities to better manage your Office 365 and M365 services investments.

Your Threat & Opportunity Advisory Report will:

  • Identify security vulnerabilities across your environment.
  • Provide insights into the lifecycle of your Microsoft technology.
  • Outline usage and license activation rates across Microsoft services.
  • Locate issues affecting deployments and the end user experience.

Reduce risk, target waste, and uncover savings

Reduce costs and management burden by driving standardization across your environment. Address vulnerabilities while reducing the cost and complexity of security software through consolidation. Save money by eliminating redundant technology and reclaiming, reusing, and better managing your Microsoft services.

The Threat and Opportunity Advisory Assessment will help you optimize security, drive standardization, and make the most of your Microsoft investments. Benefit from fast, dependable insights to make better technology decisions.

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