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    Digital Signage


    Make communications more engaging, informative, and efficient

    How can digital signage help my classroom and campuses?

    Capture the attention of today's tech-savvy generation of students, faculty, staff, and visitors at your academic institution. Digital signage provides effective communication throughout common areas, multiple buildings, and even multiple campuses through unified, easy-to-use platforms.

    Learn more about digital signage that can benefit your academic institution and fit into your IT infrastructure by contacting your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663

    Digital signage can provide the functionality for faster, more effective communications to reach and engage students, staff, and faculty. With it, you can:

    • Deliver unified messaging across multiple locations or customized, location-specific messages
    • Quickly communicate breaking news, event information, visitor schedules, student flyers, general information, and more
    • Ensure safety by capturing attention with an attention-getting, campus-wide emergency alert system
    • Manage content across multiple locations from one remote control panel
    • Reduce the need for ineffective mass e-mails and resource-intensive paper announcements
    • Create more effective, more interactive classroom experiences
    • Improve your image with visitors, prospective students, and others
    • Reduce your impact on the environment

    Zones is ready to assist you with finding the digital signage solutions to fit your school, academic audience, IT infrastructure, and to meet your operational expectations.