Digital Signage FAQ

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Q: What is digital signage?

A: Digital signage is a cost-effective way to improve the customer experience using a display with dynamic and variable content managed over a network and updated in real time.

Q: What types of digital signage displays are available?

A: A variety of commercial grade displays are available for use in a variety of environments and for different purposes. Commercial grade displays have ruggedized casings and average 12-24 hour run times. They are sealed to keep out dust and contaminants and usually come with a three year warranty. Some options to right-size the customer's requirements are:

  • 16x7 Rated
  • 24x7 Rated
  • Video Walls
  • Touch (Interactive) Signage
  • Decorative

Q: What are the benefits of digital signage?

A: Digital signage is a natural choice for reaching large audiences. It's better than email, printed posters, and bulletin boards because you can:

  • deliver breaking news in real-time;
  • change what's on the screen throughout the day;
  • show multiple things on a screen at once;
  • save money by eliminating design, printing, and distribution costs; and
  • increase revenue by selling display space.

Q: Why not use consumer-grade TVs?

A: Consumer TVs are less expensive than commercial grade displays, but the few dollars you may save now can come at a high cost in re-installation and non-compatibility. Consumer TVs are built for home use, and not designed for the digital signage customer. Consumer TVs do not have the brightness needed for commercial environments and are not built to withstand longer than 8 hours of usage per day. They will have a strong tendency to overheat or experience burn-in. Commercial signage is designed for computer signals, TVs for cable box. Consumer-grade TVs often come with a 1-year depot warranty and will void down to 90 days if put in a business environment. Bottom line, do not use consumer TVs where you need commercial signage.

Q: What components will I need for digital signage?

A: Most digital signage solutions include:

  • Display: LED is most common, with low power requirements, high efficiency, and long life
  • Media Player: Often a small form factor PC or appliance that runs content and displays to the screen.
  • Content Software: A strategic messaging campaign with media such as video, flash, HTML, jpeg/gif graphics, live TV, RSS and more are common.
  • Networking: Standard IP networking is most common, and management over the Internet, cellular or even satellite is available.
  • Mounting: Often includes wall, pole, ceiling, or movable cart.