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Improve service and enhance patient satisfaction

How can digital signage benefit my healthcare office, clinic, or facility?

Effective, up-to-date communication is essential for healthcare offices, clinics, or facilities of all sizes, and in many cases, improves health, communicates innovative care, and may save lives. Standard methods such as e-mail, paging systems, and paper trails often result in inconsistency, confusion, expense and may even fail to reach their audience.

Zones is ready to assist you with finding the digital signage solutions that help you enhance the experience for your guests, fit your IT infrastructure, and meet your operational expectations.

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Today's healthcare digital signage offers a faster, more flexible platform to clearly communicate with patients, visitors and staff at every level.

Here are some of the ways healthcare organizations are using digital signage:

  • Establish a timely, accurate communication system by sending news and information throughout large facilities, or customize content for specific locations.
  • Enable a high level of patient care, and create a calming environment for visitors and recovering patients.
  • Entertain and inform patients and visitors in waiting rooms, dining rooms, and other open areas.
  • Educate patients and visitors about treatments, diseases, and other health-related matters.
  • Promote sales and brand visibility through multi-media ads and interactive displays.
  • Reduce demands on staff so that they can focus on critical patient services and administrative functions.
  • Provide easy access to the latest announcements, messages, directories, maps, way-finding, and general information.
  • Deliver multilingual communication to speakers of other languages.
  • Elevate public awareness about health-related issues through educational displays in lobbies, lounges, and in community meeting rooms.
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