Digital Signage


Engage your guests in a whole new way

How can digital signage help my establishment?

Creating the ultimate customer experience requires engaging, dynamic communication in a demanding, fast-paced environment. Traditional methods such as printed signage, navigational easels, and static menus are cumbersome to maintain, often overlooked, and detract from the carefully planned decor.

Zones is ready to assist you with finding the digital signage solutions that help you enhance the experience for your guests, fit your IT infrastructure, and meet your operational expectations.

Learn more about digital signage that can benefit your business and fit into your IT infrastructure by contacting your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663

Today's hospitality digital signage can give virtually any hotel or restaurant the ability to engage guests and raise customer service to new levels. It can also:

  • Quickly communicate changes of venue, event notices, and up-to-date travel information for on-the-go visitors.
  • Effectively communicate to a high volume of guests in large, spacious areas.
  • Capture guests' attention with eye-popping menu boards and highlight special offerings at a moment's notice.
  • Create an exciting, entertaining atmosphere with live Internet feeds of the latest news, entertainment, sporting events, or gaming content.
  • Transform boardrooms and event halls into dynamic, must-attend meeting and conference venues.
  • Reduce the demands on staff so they can focus on providing a higher level of customer service instead.
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