Digital Signage


Effectively communicate schedules, news, and travel information

How can digital signage help my transportation facility?

Today's traveler has outgrown yesterday's paging systems, printed posters, and bulky TV monitors. Providing a high volume of travelers with the latest, most up-to-the-minute travel information requires a robust, flexible, highly visible communications platform.

Zones is ready to assist you with finding the transportation digital signage solutions that can help you provide real-time schedules, streamline traveler check-in, promote local events and places of interest, and meet your operational expectations.

Learn more about digital signage that can fit into your IT infrastructure by contacting your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663

Digital signage enables faster, more effective communications that can easily reach travelers throughout the facility at any given time. It can also:

  • Provide schedule updates, gate information, security regulations, and more travel information throughout any size facility.
  • Easily and effectively communicate with a multitude of travelers, even in large, spacious areas.
  • Make better use of space through large, elevated, easy-to-mount displays.
  • Reduce wait times and streamline service through interactive kiosks.
  • Create an attractive facility that can handle demanding, time-sensitive communications with ease.
  • Boost advertisement visibility for travel specials, restaurants, hotels, rental companies and more.
  • Display information in concession areas so that travelers feel more comfortable lingering at points of revenue.
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