Software Contract & Renewal Management

Making sense of license contracts and renewals

Zones Software Contract & Renewal Management services prevent gaps in licensing coverage, maximize the use of contract benefits, and ensure compliance with the top software manufacturers. You'll have access to timelines, milestones, and true-up services so budgeting and management are achieved with minimal effort.
Take the time and complexity out of contract management, let us do it for you. Contact your Zones account manager or call
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Your Zones software licensing executive will make sure your software license contracts are maintained and up to date.

Services cover all aspects of contract and renewal management, including:

  • Selection of appropriate licensing programs to reduce cost
  • Evaluations and recommendations for step-up options
  • Alignment of licensing choices to business needs and budgeting
  • Renewal management to ensure on-time renewals
  • Roadmap to accommodate your anticipated business changes
  • Reduction in license overage purchases
  • Improved compliance with software licensing contracts