NextGen Workplace Services

Because a work anywhere, anytime digital age demands a more accessible and cost-effective approach to end-user support

Rethinking the traditional in-house helpdesk

The workplace is evolving. The pandemic-induced rise in remote and hybrid work schedules has modern organizations adopting a more flexible, more dynamic approach. One that quickly adapts to business and technology changes. One that enables real-time learning and sharing - and uses collaborative technologies to make that happen.

The dynamic workplace is about embracing new ways of doing business that benefit both the employee experience and the organization's bottom line. End-user support is an important part of that evolution. And that's why Zones' experts designed NextGen Workplace Services.

The Modern Way to Outsource IT Support for End Users

With NextGen Workplace Services you'll have one comprehensive solution. It features essential core services plus optional services you can add to fit your specific needs. More details on that later.

First, here's an overview.

NextGen Workplace Services: 24x7 Service Desk

24x7 Service Desk Operations

  • L1 global service desk
  • L1.5 remote support
  • Chatbot services
  • Multi-lingual and real-time translation support
  • Knowledge management
NextGen Workplace Services: 8x5 MDM

Modern Device Management

  • L2 and L3 managed support services
  • Tool configuration
  • Device management
  • Application management
  • Patch management
NextGen Workplace Services: Digital Experience Management

Digital Experience Management

  • Self-service app
  • Self-heal automation
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Custom automation
  • Service integrations

Benefit Your People and Your Bottom Line

Get End-to-End Support
NextGen Workplace Services: Recieve end to end support

Certified technicians will be available for your users around the clock, as well as centralized management of your end users' environments.

Reduce Downtime by up to 90%
NextGen Workplace Services: Reduce Downtime

24x7 access to IT support plus self-help options and AI-enabled self-healing reduce end-user downtime and improve productivity

Free up IT Support Staff
NextGen Workplace Services: Free up IT Support Staff

By outsourcing support services, you can refocus and reskill your own support staff to benefit other areas and initiatives.

Make Compliance Remediation Automatic
NextGen Workplace Services: Make Compliance Remediation Automatic

Achieve the highest compliance levels, reduce the vulnerability period, and be better informed about the state of your end points.

Optimize Support Costs
NextGen Workplace Services: Optimize Support Costs

AI-enabled self-healing for proactive device maintenance helps reduce TCO. Self-help app and chatbot enable self-service for end users.

Core and Add-On Services

NextGen Workplace Services: service desk operation

Service Desk Operations

Core Services
  • 24x7 IT helpdesk support
  • Chatbot services
  • Knowledge management
  • Executive support
  • Remote support tool
  • ACD-IVR services for inbound calls
Optional, Add-on Services
  • Multi-lingual voice support
  • Real-time translation services
  • Outbound call support
  • Onsite/onshore delivery model
  • E-bonding of ITSM tool

Modern Device Management (MDM)

Core Services
  • 8x5 remote assistance
  • MDM setup and configuration
  • Device and patch Management
  • Compliance management
  • Application management
  • Tool maintenance
Optional, Add-on Services
  • Integrations (ITSM, Chatbot, etc.)
  • Pilot and PoC Services
  • Migration and transformation services
  • Tool subscription
NextGen Workplace Services: mobile-device-management
NextGen Workplace Services: digital experience manager

Digital Experience Management

Core Services
  • Self-service app for end-users
  • Self-heal OOB Solution
  • Artificial intelligence-enabled event detection and predictive solutions
  • IT announcements and notifications
  • Tool subscription and maintenance
Optional, Add-on Services
  • Custom self-heal solutions
  • Proactive/reactive data
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Proactive service desk support
  • Integrations (ITSM, Chatbot, etc.)
  • Use case-specific monitoring or assessment for migrations/upgrades, and more
It's time for a more accessible and cost-effective approach to end-user support. It's time for NextGen Workplace Services from Zones.

NextGen Workplace Services: New call-to-action
NextGen Workplace Services: New call-to-action
NextGen Workplace Services: New call-to-action
NextGen Workplace Services: New call-to-action