Zones Discovery Services

Software Landscape Assessment

Optimize your licenses to increase cost savings

As businesses grow and scale to the demands of their customers, IT professionals are tasked with maintaining, monitoring, and supporting complex software environments. This requires time, resources, and an extensive working knowledge of all installed software programs.
In response to this need, Zones has created the Software Landscape Assessment, a non-intrusive, agentless tool that identifies and inventories the existing software footprint unique to each organization.

Your assessment will provide insight, discovery, and analytics by rapidly discovering all software assets at every identified IP address in your environment - regardless of operating system. Using the data collected, our experts are able to show you what's working and what's not.

You can expect cost savings when you leverage the assessment to:

Eliminate or reallocate underused software licenses

Optimize or consolidate licensing plans or subscriptions

Reduce the potential for unexpected software costs

Avoid paying fines for noncompliance

Software Demographics

Keep on top of your changing software landscape, and easily identify any platforms that are no longer supported.

  • Server operating systems
  • Virtualization footprint
  • End of life alerting

Database Instances

Easily detect and display all relevant database information – supporting both processor and core licensing models.

  • SQL database
  • Oracle database

Microsoft Office 365

Receive a detailed analysis that enables IT leadership to make fact-based decisions based on a unified view, for true risk mitigation, compliancy regulation, and areas for cost savings.

  • Subscription plans
  • Provisioning vs. consumption


Identify any machines that don't have the corporate standard antivirus protection or have none at all, leaving you exposed to threats.

  • Endpoint protection vulnerabilities
  • Installed software vulnerabilities

To schedule a no-cost Software Landscape Assessment, contact your Zones account manager or call 1.800.408.9663.