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Cloud Security

Data security and threat defense from device to cloud

Protect your data from device to cloud with McAfee cloud security solutions. McAfee gives its users data visibility, data loss prevention, and advanced threat protection on a platform that supports an open ecosystem. With McAfee keeping your data safe, the cloud will be the most secure environment for your business.

McAfee Cloud Security Products

McAfee MVISION Cloud

Protect data in the cloud, from the cloud with cloud access security broker technology.

McAfee Cloud Workload Security

Secure your workload across private and public cloud infrastructure, deployable as code to work with DevOps tools.

McAfee Virtual Network Security Platform

Cloud-based security across virtualized environments, whether public, private, or hybrid.


An Industry First. Cloud-Native, Insight-Driven, Open Architecture

The first cloud-based product family that protects data and stops threats across devices, networks, clouds (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS), and on-premises environments.

MVISION Endpoint

Protection that combines Windows 10 security with McAfee machine learning for unified defense and management.


A SaaS solution designed to replace backend infrastructure with a simple web-based management console.


Visibility and control over data and security policy management across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments.


Central management and defense of Android and iOS devices to prevent, detect, and remediate mobile threats.


Powerful threat detection, investigation, and response–simplified.

Data Security for the Cloud Era

In order to ensure your data is kept safe, you need a security system that exists in the cloud itself. McAfee MVISION Cloud was built in the cloud to protect the cloud, and follows three principles for total defense:

Stop potential threats before they happen. Gain complete visibility into data, context, and user behavior across all cloud services, users, and devices.

Respond quickly and decisively to protect your data. Apply persistent protection to sensitive information wherever it goes.

Work with users to prevent policy violations. Adapt to user behaviors and take real-time action deep within cloud services.

MVISION Cloud Products

Key Benefits of McAfee Cloud Security

Enforce loss prevention policies across data in the cloud
Automatically recognize files that contain sensitive information and remove or quarantine them from the cloud.

Prevent unauthorized sharing of data with the wrong people
Downgrade or remove permissions and revoke links in real time to prevent sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

Block sync/download of corporate data to personal devices
Allow users to access cloud-based collaboration tools anytime but prevent them from downloading data to an unmanaged device.

Detect compromised accounts, insider threats, and malware
Use machine learning to analyze behavior of your users to recognize potentially malicious or careless actions; identify and stop malware before it's a threat.

Encrypt cloud data with encryption keys that only you control
Directly control encryption keys to sensitive information while preserving functions such as search and sort.

Audit and tighten the security settings of cloud services
Monitor and audit the security configuration of cloud services to hunt for potential weaknesses; automatically recommend improvements based on industry best practices.

Understand cloud services in use and their risk profile
Examine cloud service usage by an organization and assign a 1-to-10 risk score to each service based on a 261-point assessment.