Make a career. And make an impact.

We have a variety of teams to choose from, opening more doors than you may think. For you, this means you can experience a variety of jobs, technologies, and geographies. There are sales positions available at our corporate office in the Seattle area as well as in Portland and Chicago. And field sales positions are available across the country. Additional positions are available, so explore our current openings.

Sales & Support

Our sales and support teams deliver IT solutions and services to companies all over the world. Teams include sales account executives, enterprise sales, field sales, global sales, support, and software licensing. There are also sales teams focused on our healthcare, government, and education customers.

Advanced Technology.

nfrastructure, the Services Company of Zones focuses, on the research, technical design, and implementation of technology solutions throughout the sales and deployment process. The group also includes Project Management team members responsible for coordinating integrated project plans for our customers.

Partner & Product Management.

Project and Product Management acts as a multidisciplinary specialty group that oversees a range of projects and teams including vendor relationship management, marketing, operational support, purchasing, and business analytics.


As with any organization, we have career opportunities in finance, human resources, marketing, IT, logistics and fulfillment, ecommerce, and many other departments.