IT Device Repair
and Depot Services

Rapidly resolve hardware and software issues across your enterprise device footprint to maximize uptime and improve the end user experience.

Maximize Uptime and Improve the End User Experience

Achieve rapid resolution of hardware and software issues for all enterprise devices, assured at a predictable OpEx cost model.

Break/Fix services
OEM warranty and out-of-warranty coordination
Spare in the Air
Advanced Exchange Depot Services

A growing number of devices in the digital enterprise, from multiple vendors, means businesses have more vulnerabilities than ever before. A single software issue or hardware failure can bottleneck business processes, injecting unprecedented delays into projects. With the diversification of hardware and software and maintenance needs, in-house IT teams struggle to resolve issues across multiple vendor platforms.

Dealing with multiple points of contact and discovering that a damaged device has reached the end of support only adds to the complexity. Modern businesses require an easier and simpler strategy to ensure that their devices remain functional and can be fixed within the shortest span of time.

Take the complexity out of device service and repair with Zones IT Repair and Depot services. Get remote support for all device-related issues from a single point of contact. Eliminate the need to coordinate with multiple vendors while gaining efficient and timely updates.

"Take the complexity out of device service and repair with Zones IT Repair and Depot services. Get remote support for all device-related issues from a single point of contact."

IT device repair and support solutions for your entire device footprint

Hardware Support

Troubleshoot issues with your devices.

  • Troubleshooting for issues with devices and peripherals in deployment
  • Coordination with OEMs for repair of in-warranty and out-of-warranty products and parts delivery
  • Procurement assistance and support for PO processing
  • Spare in the Air program

Software Support

Troubleshoot and eliminate all software issues affecting your devices.

  • Technical assistance for OEM-provided native applications
  • OS and firmware updates, plus soft break/fix services
  • Support for product software queries and best-effort support for other apps

Device Maintenance and Upgrades

Maximize the uptime of your devices with maintenance services.

  • Proactive approach to maximizing device performance and uptime
  • Maintenance and support for devices beyond the end of service life

Knowledge Management and Support

Ensure the fastest resolution of all issues at all times.

  • Update knowledge base with latest SOPs and FAQs to ensure quick resolution of common issues
  • 16/5 access to capable tech support via toll-free phone, email, and live chat

Maximize uptime, reduce costs, and achieve peak productivity

Cost Savings

Seamless upsizing and downsizing and assured year-over-year TCO optimization to improve your cash flow.

Fast Resolution

Accelerate resolution of hardware and software issues, plus fix problems before they occur to maximize the uptime of your devices.

Increased ROI

Keep track of warranties, insurance, and software licenses across your device footprint to maximize your ROI.

Lower OpEx

Reduce the need for in-house IT staff and mitigate administrative overload to lower your operating expenses.

Improved User Experience

Turn to experienced technicians during and beyond business hours to ensure a better support experience for your end users.

5 Reasons to trust Zones with all your device-related issues

Optimize cash flow management, minimize year-over-year TCO, and enable seamless upsizing and downsizing.

Reduce the strain on IT and provide centralized device support with a single point of contact to resolve issues.

Improve compliance management, regulatory compliance, and eco-friendliness.

Increase productivity by implementing a proactive, data-driven approach to optimize device performance and increase uptime.

Attain quality support with certified and experienced technicians, plus both inbound and outbound call services.

Take the complexity and the surprises out of device repair and support.

Let Zones take care of all your device-related issues.