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    Kaspersky Security for Mobile

    Kaspersky Security for Mobile helps to eliminate the security breaches that can result from enabling mobile access to your corporate systems. Even if an employee loses a mobile device, you can still prevent access to your business data. Furthermore, in-built mobile device management helps you to cut costs and reduce the load on IT administrators.

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    Kaspersky Security for Mobile works in the background, providing world-class protection with minimal impact on performance. It delivers an integrated combination of signature-based, proactive and cloud-assisted anti-malware technologies.

    Many mobile devices include data encryption technologies. To help prevent your business data from falling into the wrong hands, Kaspersky Security for Mobile makes it easy to enable and manage the encryption features provided on most popular mobile devices.

    Enforce encryption on each user's mobile device
    Kaspersky Security for Mobile offers a convenient way to enforce the use of the encryption technologies that are resident within the mobile device. So you can easily ensure that all data on the device is encrypted, or you can just encrypt the corporate data that's held within a special container on the user's device.

    To support Bring Your Own Device initiatives, Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes containerization features. These help ensure corporate data and personal data are held in separate containers on the user's device.

    Forced log-in
    To help prevent data from being accessed by unauthorized users, you can ensure that applications require the user to log in again following a period of inactivity.

    Kaspersky Security for Mobile includes special features that help to minimize the risk of security breaches resulting from a lost or stolen device.

    Mobile device management
    Kaspersky Security for Mobile is supplied complete with extensive mobile device management functionality — to give you easy and rapid control over all Kaspersky mobile security functions.