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    Simplify data analytics to improve decision-making

    Transform your business by making analytic-based decisions. Statistica drives analytic-powered innovation to solve business challenges throughout organizations. Embed analytics everywhere to empower a wider community.
    Leverage Zones software licensing expertise and Quest partnership to help you select the right analytics software. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663 to learn more about Quest analytic solutions.

    The Citizen UI

    Streamline workflows for citizen data scientists. Simplify preparation of structured and unstructured data with tools designed for non-technical users. Enable experts to build analytic models and workflows once, mask the complexity or even lock down these workflows. Allow non-technical business analysts to reuse those workflow templates repeatedly across your organization.

    Network analytics and powerful data visualization

    Discover and understand relationships within complex networks (people, processes, contracts, networks, parts, and more). Statistica features network analytics capabilities that enable users to combine predictive analytics with human expertise. Glean insight from all your data with a complete suite of robust data visualization tool

    Edge Analytics for IoT

    Deploy "analytic atoms" on any edge device or gateway. Address nearly any IoT analytics use case by running analytic workflows directly at the edge of the network where data is created. Deploy Statistica's "Rules Builder" node to the edge for data rep (e.g. clean data, create, and transform variables) and run conditional model execution. Eliminate the need to stream all IoT data, and make immediate decisions on the edge.

    In-database analytics (NDAA)

    Better leverage the compute power of Hadoop clusters, database appliances, and other high-performance platforms with Native Distributed Analytics Architecture (NDAA). Reduce network traffic and take action where your data currently resides.

    Collective intelligence

    Integrate external analytics within internal analytic workflows. Embrace the app marketplace for models. Monetize your models and data or import models written by others. Access models from Algorithmia, Azure ML, Expert Models, H20 Sparkling water and public data sets, and leverage open source technologies and languages including R, C#, Python and Spark. Connect these in a single workflow to drive interaction and collaboration.