Vertiv products and solutions from Zones

Architects of Continuity

Because continuity is critical to your business, downtime is not an option. You need secure, reliable, and uninterrupted digital operations at all times. Vertiv and Zones bring together hardware, software, analytics, and ongoing services, ensuring your digital infrastructure and vital applications run continuously, perform optimally, and scale according to your business' needs.

Vertiv designs, builds, and services critical infrastructure that enables vital applications for data centers, communication networks, and commercial and industrial facilities.

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Liebert provides global power and thermal management solutions such as UPS, in-row cooling, and integrated enclosures. Liebert scales to help you create intelligent ecosystems that meet your needs by safeguarding the technology that drives your business. Liebert will protect your IT equipment, data centers, and storage on premises as well as your routers, desktops, and towers at home.


Vertiv's line of Avocent infrastructure monitoring systems work together to increase availability and efficiency. Avocent's single point access KVM switches and serial consoles enable customers to have remote access to their devices anywhere, anytime, while the Avocent IT management suite provides secure and seamless in- and out-of-band access to your network devices.


With custom rack PDUs, in-row cooling, and environmental monitoring technologies, Geist provides the power and software solutions you need to effectively monitor your data infrastructure. Geist solutions are delivered quickly and effectively to ensure flexibility and scalability for infrastructure deployments.

Integrated Solutions

Vertiv's integrated solutions are designed for reliability and scalability and feature integrated intelligence that enhances flexibility and manageability. Integrated solutions include racks, thermal management, UPS, secure monitoring, and power distribution. These solutions are all designed to create and maintain reliable edge solutions while protecting your IT infrastructure and keeping it running without interruption.