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Zones will provide your organization with data protection backup/recovery software to prevent data loss and to retrieve all data assets missing after sabotage, corruption, or natural disaster. Another reason to get backup software is to recover data from an earlier time, such as for a data retention policy.

Zones will help you save money and will optimize the value of all your software assets with Zones SaaS.

Veritas Backup Exec

A leading backup and recovery solution that easily performs physical or virtual machine backups with fast, flexible recovery capabilities.

VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced

VMware vSphere Data Protection Advanced extends the capabilities of vSphere Data Protection to provide greater scalability and integration with business-critical applications.

Powered by EMC Avamar, VDP Advanced delivers high-performance, agentless image-level protection, as well as application-consistent backups for Microsoft SQL Server, Exchange, and SharePoint residing on physical servers.

NetApp SnapMirror

Built on NetApp's unified storage architecture, NetApp SnapMirror technology provides fast, efficient data replication and disaster recovery (DR) for your critical data, to get you back to business faster.