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    Software Licensing Programs

    Eliminate the frustration of complex licensing programs. Avoid costly upgrades. Ensure licensing compliance. Zones software executives have the knowledge, experience, tools, and the relationships with software publishers to help you manage your software assets efficiently and cost effectively.

    Zones will help you save money and will optimize the value of all your software assets. Contact your Zones Account Manager or call 800.408.9663.


    A subscription, or non-perpetual license, gives you the right to use the software for a specified period of time (typically, a year). Once that term is over, you can choose to renew. Subscription licensing is most often found in cloud computing. The cloud can best be summed up as any per-user, subscription–based IT service that affords the IT professional with the ability to add features and functionality, manage capacity and software licensing count. Zones offers subscriptions for most of its brand partners.


    A perpetual license is a license with no expiration date. End user owns this license; it is everlasting and valid if the software is being used in accordance with the license–agreement requirements. Common example: Windows on your computer.

    Retail Box

    Retail box copies of some software are available from Zones, typically for consumer products that are also sold in stores and through online retailers. A shrink–wrapped or boxed product includes one software disk plus documentation and one perpetual license for the software. One box equals one license key, which makes it difficult to manage and very cost effective for most business environments.