Workplace Modernization

The future starts here

Zones helps some of the country's largest hospitals, clinics, and health systems modernize their point-of-care technology and so much more. From handheld devices to enhanced collaboration technologies to more efficient PACS systems and systemwide device rollouts, we're helping the healthcare industry get – and stay – ahead.

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We understand the challenges of HITECH requirements and HIPAA compliance, and we design our solutions to help you address them. Our modernization services can help you deploy the right IT solutions for any application, location, or environment, so you can bring all your facilities into the future.

We're also experts at deploying technology at scale for large hospitals, medical centers, and health systems. With our proprietary nterprise deployment platform you can keep track of critical equipment, people and processes, from pre-deployment activities through project completion.

  • End User Compute & Productivity
  • Hospital/Clinic Modernization
  • Collaboration

End User Compute & Productivity

Empower people to be their best

Today's healthcare workers are more mobile than ever. That's good for patients and good for providers charged with delivering a higher quality of care. Our workplace solutions help you streamline centralized operations and workflow management.

  • Smart phones, tablets, 2-in-1s, laptops
  • Device and physical security
  • Barcode scanners, printers, and readers
  • Mobile scanners and printers
  • Patient identity solutions
  • Mobile and desktop computing
  • Point of care carts
  • Nurses/charting work stations
  • RFID systems / real-time location systems (RTLS) / ID badges

Hospital/Clinic Modernization

Enhance every point of interaction

We can help you improve interactions and experiences for every patient, provider, and visitor who enters your facility. Our hospital/clinic modernization solutions connect your organization with people using technologies that streamline interactions, simplify communication, and speed access to information.

  • Augmented and virtual reality for caregiver training and clinical applications.
  • Patient identity management for enhanced patient safety and security.
  • IoT solutions for advanced patient monitoring, and better coordination of care across multiple sites and long distances.
  • Kiosks for streamlined admissions and discharge.
  • Digital signage for general information, ER whiteboards and wayfinding.
  • Tablets and TVs for in-room to entertainment and information.
  • Augmented and virtual reality for patient care.


Create connections across distances

Healthcare technology can help drive down costs and elevate the standard of care by connecting people and information more efficiently. Our collaboration solutions help you do just that.

  • Secure conference room solutions that support voice, chat, video, and document sharing from any device.
  • Unified communications solutions for improved interactions and patient safety.
  • Remote patient monitoring, care management and telemedicine technologies.
  • Telehealth and tele-education systems.

Services that optimize technology deployments

Managed Location Support Services

Zones' project execution platform, nterprise, grants our experts, customers, and third parties real-time visibility into all deployment-related inventories and activities. It provides our customers with the competitive advantage of improved speed and agility when deploying to widely distributed store or branch locations.

IoT Device Deployment & Integration

We design, deploy, and support solutions built for the Internet of Things. Accelerate the multi-site deployment of your IoT solution with a partner who excels at fast and reliable execution of enterprise IoT projects, especially those involving large teams in distributed locations with many connected devices and sensors.