EMC Isilon scale-out storage

It's not just data, it's your business.

EMC® Isilon® provides powerful yet simple solutions for enterprises that want to manage their data, not just their storage. EMC Isilon storage systems are simple to install, manage and scale, at virtually any size. And, unlike traditional enterprise storage, its solutions stay simple no matter how much storage is added, how much performance is required or how business needs change in the future.

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Accelerate it ... simply:
EMC Isilon storage provides you with the tools to dramatically increase workflow productivity and maximize the value of your enterprise applications and Big Data assets.

Expand it ... simply:
With EMC Isilon scale-out storage, you can have unimaginable room for growth — with more than 15 petabytes of capacity per cluster.

Protect it ... simply:
The proven leader in scale-out storage, EMC Isilon offers the highest levels of reliability, availability, and serviceability in the industry.

OneFs operating system: the engine that powers EMC Isilon storage solutions

The EMC Isilon OneFS® operating system provides the intelligence behind all Isilon scale-out storage solutions. Through the fusion of OneFS, state-of-the-art engineering and enterprise industry-standard hardware, EMC Isilon provides highly scalable, ultra-high performance, modular scale-out storage systems.

Enterprise data protection and management software

Massive stores of data present unique management challenges, including disaster recovery, quota management, and off-site replication. EMC Isilon data protection and management software provides you with powerful tools to help you protect your data assets, control costs and optimize storage resources and system performance for your big data environment.

Performance management
Maximize performance of your Isilon scale-out storage system with innovative performance monitoring and reporting tools.
Resource management
Implement a highly efficient, automated tiered storage strategy to optimize storage performance and costs.
Data management
Assign and manage quotas that seamlessly partition storage into easily managed segments at the cluster, directory, sub-directory, user and group levels.
Data access
Enable client connection load balancing and dynamic NFS failover and failback of client connections across storage nodes to optimize use of cluster resources.
Data protection
Protect data efficiently and reliably with secure, near instantaneous snapshots while incurring little to no performance overhead.
Isilon for vCenter™
Data management
Manage Isilon functions from vCenter.
Data replication
Replicate and distribute large, mission-critical data sets to multiple shared storage systems in multiple sites for reliable disaster recovery capability.
Data retention
Protect your critical data against accidental, premature or malicious alteration or deletion with EMC Isilon's software-based approach to Write Once Read Many (WORM).
Aspera for Isilon™
Content delivery
High-performance wide-area file and content delivery.

EMC Isilon hardware platform: 3 flexible product lines

EMC Isilon offers highly-flexible scale-out storage solutions with precisely the right storage on a "pay-as-you-grow" basis, eliminating the need for forecasting or over-provisioning. EMC Isilon hardware platforms are built on the innovative Isilon scale-out storage architecture — designed for simplicity, value, best-in-class performance and unmatched reliability.

Its platform offerings include three flexible product lines tailored for specific business needs.

The answer for ultra-performance primary storage, purpose built for high-transactional and IOPS-intensive applications. The EMC Isilon S-Series combines unmatched IOPS performance with high efficiency and an ultra-low overhead scale-out NAS package.

Current products: S200, 5400S, 5000S-SSD
Capacity: 16.2 TB to 2.1 PB

Use cases:

Design & simulation: Simulation, verification, and analysis of electronic and mechanical systems, design for manufacturability, and analysis requiring fast scratch storage

Digital media: Broadcast, real-time streaming, rendering, and post production

Web 2.0: Web-based database and email

X-Series: EMC Isilon's most flexible and comprehensive storage product line, the X-Series strikes the right balance between large capacity and high-performance storage. The highly versatile X-Series is an ideal solution for high throughput and high concurrency applications.

EMC Isilon's most flexible and comprehensive storage product line, the X-Series strikes the right balance between large capacity and high-performance storage. The highly versatile X-Series is an ideal solution for high throughput and high concurrency applications.

Current products: X400, X200, 36000X, 72000X, 32000X-SSD
Capacity: 5.76 TB to more than 15 PB

Use cases:

Business analytics: Hadoop workflows

Large-scale home directories: Windows and Unix data environments

Virtualized infrastructure environments: Tier 3 and tier 4 workloads

Healthcare: Medical imaging

Life sciences: Genetic sequencing and large-scale microscopy environments

Digital media: Broadcast, post production, and DI (digital intermediate)

Internet/Web 2.0: Online video, audio, and image serving; Web-analytics

Electronic design automation: Design team collaboration, design libraries, tool scripts, and design implementation databases

The NL-Series is designed to provide cost-effective, highly-scalable near-line storage. To achieve this, the NL-Series combines high density and efficiency, with massive capacity capabilities. The result is a highly economical scale-out storage solution at an extremely attractive price per TB of capacity and low overall TCO.

Current products: NL400, 36NL, 72NL, 108NL
Capacity: 252 TB to more than 15 PB
Density: 36 TB, 72 TB, or 108 TB per node

Use cases:

File archives: For economical storage and rapid disk-based access to reference data to meet business and legal requirements. Examples include financial services, insurance, email and general file data archiving.

Disaster recovery: When combined with Isilon SyncIQ™ replication software, a proven solution for organizations whose multi-site replication strategy requires an economical, high-capacity storage device to be located remotely.

Disk-to-disk backup: Can be combined with compression and deduplication technology to deliver a highly scalable, reliable, easy-to-manage and economical disk-based backup target. Performance extension nodes

EMC Isilon Performance Extension nodes allow you to easily scale performance to meet the specific needs of your business.

EMC Isilon Performance Accelerator: By adding the Isilon Performance Accelerator to an existing EMC Isilon S-Series or X-Series cluster, you can quickly add more than 400 MB per second of single-stream throughput and up to 700 MB per second of concurrent throughput for the most transactional access patterns.

EMC Isilon Backup Accelerator: The Isilon Backup Accelerator can be seamlessly added to any existing EMC Isilon cluster to deliver up to 480 MB/second of performance across four concurrent streams, speeding back-up operations and reducing the risk of business-critical data loss.

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