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HP Elite x3

The one device that's every device

Today's IT departments struggle to support diverse fleets of desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones running different operating systems. Then there's the fact that they're also supporting multiple devices per user.

The HP Elite x3 is the 3-in-1 mobility solution that lets you replace all of these with one single system across the entire enterprise.

  • In your hand, it's a high-performance 5.96-inch phablet.
  • On the road, it pairs with the 12.5-inch HP Elite x3 Lap Dock to deliver full notebook utility.
  • In the office, slip it into the HP Elite x3 Desk Dock for seamless connectivity with your keyboard, monitor, and mouse to get down to work - just as you always have.
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And because it's a Windows device, virtually every business already has the expertise and infrastructure to support it. Even better, the familiar Windows operating system and Windows 10 Mobile apps mean you can get up-to-speed and productive in no time.

It's the one device that delivers notebook-class speed, performance, and responsiveness with plenty of cloud processing power, support for an HD display, and dedicated computing resources for each user.

HP Workspace

Simplifying application virtualization

HP Workspace can run multiple Windows applications simultaneously, even while you're taking a call on the Elite x3. You also get access to a comprehensive virtualization service and cloud infrastructure package staffed by highly-trained HP service agents who can quickly publish your applications for you.

HP Elite x3 Mobile Scanning Solution

High-performance scanning - anywhere you need it

The HP Elite x3 Mobile Scanning Solution delivers fast, accurate scanning indoors and outside with an ultra-fast, motion-tolerant, multipurpose scanning solution that accepts 1D, 2D, and hard-to-read barcodes, and has white illumination and a highly-visible laser-based aimer.