Disaster Recovery Solutions

Critical IT infrastructure protection for your data, your operations, and your reputation

Bolster Your Business Continuity Plan

Whether you need to devise a new disaster recovery solution or fortify an existing one, Zones can help you assess, design, implement, and manage your solution across IT environments, including:

Disaster recovery (DR) is critical to your overall business continuity plan. Cyberattacks, system failures, natural disasters, human errors – these are serious concerns. In addition to being disruptive and costly, data breaches can negatively impact your reputation and lead to hefty regulatory fines.

No matter the cause, how you prepare for and respond to a potentially catastrophic event directly impacts your ability to quickly mitigate the damage and return to normal operations.

"Whether you need to devise a new disaster recovery solution or fortify an existing one, Zones can help you assess, design, implement, and manage your solution across IT environments."

Cost-Effective and Reliable.
Scalable and Secure.

You can trust Zones to help you safeguard your mission-critical systems and ensure uninterrupted availability – even under the most adverse circumstances.

End-to-end DR solutions

Enable quick, cost-effective recovery of your infrastructure, applications, and data.


Meet stringent recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) requirements, even with limited IT resources.

Technology and vendor agnostic

We'll deliver the best DR solution for your needs, increasing your speed of recovery and reducing data protection and storage costs.

Based on industry best practices

And expertise in DR and securing backups.

Reduce the potential impact

Soften the blow of financial, legal, and reputation damage due to disasters and outages.

Always-on availability and high performance

Boost employee productivity and client retention.

Rely on Zones' holistic, best-in-class solutions.

Maybe you're here because you need to remedy an existing IT disaster recovery dilemma, or you want to consult an expert on prevention. Or maybe you're interested in a fully managed solution to reduce the burden on your IT staff and shift accountability.

Whatever your situation, Zones has the expertise of trusted advisors and notoriously nimble problem solvers. And at every stage of your project, we bring a customer-centered mindset and an unwavering commitment to providing Five-Star Service.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Replicate and safeguard your data and workloads in the cloud – without the added costs of setting up a secondary data center and associated IT infrastructure.

On-prem Disaster Recovery

Leverage built-in automated replication, policy-based protection, and single-click recovery and management through a single console.

Your notoriously nimble data center partner for IT disaster recovery services

Zones has a proven track record of designing, implementing, and managing interactive disaster recovery solutions for leading global clients. We build IT environments that are agile, resilient, manageable, and future-focused.

Zones' certified specialists provide extensive skills and experience to simplify disaster recovery for you. As a trusted OEM-agnostic provider, we've built relationships with the leading cloud and on-prem brands. That means we have the flexibility to customize an end-to-end solution of hardware, software, and services to suit your unique needs.

Professional Services

Assessment and Discovery

Through workshops, Zones will collaborate with you to define the scope of work and business and technical requirements.


Involves client-centric design based on discovery and business-defined requirements supported by Zones.


Zones will ensure SOW and project-based implementation using best practices. DR implementation includes:
  • Based on your requirements, a Zones AVD architect will design a solution that can quickly scale to meet the needs of your remote workforce.
  • Our cybersecurity professionals will evaluate your current environment and recommend actions to increase your organization's cybersecurity posture.
  • Zones is available around the clock for end-to-end virtual implementations and to minimize any related disruptions to your business.

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Contact Zones for more information about our end-to-end disaster recovery solutions. They can be the business continuity difference-maker for your organization.