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    Arcserve Backup

    Get the most out of the cloud

    Arcserve Backup goes beyond backup, giving you highly reliable data protection with centralized management, data deduplication and cloud storage in a complete package. Powerful, yet easy-to-use, it allows you to protect both physical and virtual servers with high-performance backup, data deduplication, cloud storage, infrastructure visualization, granular restore, and archiving.

    Zones is your trusted provider of Arcserve and other recovery solutions. For more information or to place an order, contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663


    • Integrated data deduplication that enables longer retention periods, providing a cost-effective means of reducing storage; protecting critical data; and integrating, configuring and managing data deduplication in the backup environment.
    • Archiving data to disk, tape or cloud to minimize the size of backups, resulting in reduced backup windows, network traffic and storage management costs.
    • Integrated backup copy to cloud storage helps migrate backup data to cloud storage as part of a D2D2C backup policy for additional storage or recovery locations.
    • Synthetic full backup provides incremental backups that are synthesized to create a full backup of the data as it originally appeared at the recovery point, enabling you to recover as if each backup was a full backup - resulting in faster and easier recovery of data.
    • Infrastructure virtualization diagrams the entire environment including all of the servers, storage, and other devices, showing how they relate to each other and to the Arcserve Backup media server(s).
    • Global dashboard reduces management complexity with worldwide operational monitoring and SRM reporting from a single location saving time and resources.
    • Snapshot and File-level backup Integration gives you the ability to use a combination of snapshot-based backups (Arcserve UDP) and traditional file-based backups (Arcserve Backup) to populate a single backup catalog for quick and easy restoration from anywhere.
    • Migrate Arcserve UDP backups to tape to provide long-term off-site storage for Arcserve UDP backups and a single point of management.