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Interactive whiteboards, projectors and give instructors creative and engaging ways to share prepared information and spontaneously create, collaborate and share new insights in real time, and then capture and retain those insights for future use.

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Centrally managed digital signage is an efficient, economical and engaging way to keep everyone on campus on the same page – without the expense of printing, distributing, mounting and maintaining print media. Digital signage can also be used in classrooms as satellite displays and can be assembled into a captivating instructional video wall display.

When you are considering new classroom technology initiatives, a Zones Account Manager can provide you information on solutions from virtually every manufacturer in the market. Zones maintains relationships with over 2,000 IT vendors to give you access to the major players and niche innovators in digital displays, interactive whiteboards and digital projectors suitable for any application.

When it's time to roll out classroom technology, Zones can also provide comprehensive networking solutions to ensure you derive the maximum value and performance from the digital displays, signage, interactive whiteboards and digital projectors on your campus. A Zones Account Manager can detail the full range of networking, communications, security, data center, and deployment solutions and services to support any classroom technology initiative.

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