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The student population expects your infrastructure to keep pace with the latest technologies, and instructors rely on you to show them how to stay current as well. What's more, the administration and best practices dictate that you deploy mobility solutions securely and economically.

The Zones Mobility experts work in concert with your Zones Account Manager to deliver reliable, robust and secure mobility solutions that can keep everyone connected and satisfied all the time.

  • Handhelds, tablets & PCs
  • Ruggedized mobile devices
  • RFID systems
  • Card swipe devices
  • Barcode scanners
  • Mobile Device Management systems
  • Secure VPN technologies
  • Point-of-Sale / point-of-care
  • Payment systems
  • Networking / WLAN / Wi-Fi

Zones is your complete IT solutions provider for Higher Education. For more information, contact your Zones Account Manager or call 800.381.9663

Zones can help college and university IT leaders deliver fast, reliable wireless networks built on the latest technology to address the ever increasing demand for bandwidth on campus.

When you are considering new mobility initiatives, a Zones Account Manager can provide you information on solutions from virtually every manufacturer in the market. Zones maintains relationships with over 2,000 IT vendors to give you access to the major players and niche innovators in wireless network infrastructure and devices.

When it's time to launch a new mobility initiative, Zones can provide comprehensive design and implementation services to ensure you and your users derive the maximum value and performance from enhanced network access on your campus. Your Zones Account Manager can also detail the full range of networking, communications, security, data center, and deployment solutions and services to support any mobility initiative.

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