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Cloud Solutions & Services

NetApp helps you achieve seamless data management across private and public cloud resources, including hyperscale cloud providers.

Achieve seamless data management across cloud resources
Wherever your company is on its path to the cloud, Zones and NetApp can provide the solutions you need to meet your business goals. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

NetApp enables organizations to confidently manage and maintain control of their data across any cloud, accelerating innovation and IT responsiveness.

  • Store, move, and secure data across all cloud environments with ease
  • Get enterprise-grade data management plus the economy of public cloud
  • Reduce your data storage requirements by 50%
  • Deduplicate and pare down your existing data by at least 35%
  • Work with your choice of 175+ NetApp cloud service provider partners

Private Cloud

Maximize the benefits of your private cloud by building it with advanced storage and data management technologies from NetApp.

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Cloud Services Built on NetApp

To facilitate the increasing role the cloud plays in IT plans, NetApp delivers a comprehensive portfolio of cloud services.

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