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Software-Defined Storage

Speed delivery of IT services

Software-defined storage (SDS) does for storage what virtualization did for servers – breaking down the physical barriers that bind data to specific hardware. With NetApp clustered Data ONTAP Storage Virtual Machines:

  • IT infrastructure teams become more responsive
  • Application owners become more autonomous
  • Business decision makers become more flexible

NetApp delivers SDS with clustered Data ONTAP software; the industry's most comprehensive application integration; and programmable APIs for seamless workflow automation. SDS capabilities are woven into NetApp's products, not added later as a separate management layer. SDS is enabled through:

  • Application self-service for fast user access to storage services, applications, and workflows
  • Fully virtualized storage servers for dynamic resource provisioning based on service levels
  • Deployment across a wide range of multi-vendor hardware and cloud service providers for platform flexibility
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NetApp is delivering the benefits of software-defined storage through products that include:

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