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E-Series Storage

Meet the new standards for performance and efficiency

With NetApp solutions, you can protect your storage investment with systems that grow with your business. All NetApp systems are built on a unified architecture and use the same operating system, software, and management tools.

The modular flexibility of the E-Series enables custom configurations optimized and able to scale as needed. Learn what you can gain from NetApp solutions by contacting your Zones account manager or calling 800.408.9663.

NetApp E5500

Designed to improve operational efficiency, reduce data center footprint, and maintain high availability, the performance-efficient NetApp E5500 storage system meets demanding performance and capacity requirements without sacrificing simplicity and efficiency.

  • Massive bandwidth performance, high IOPS, and extreme density support data-intensive solutions
  • Modular design enables efficient scaling for performance and capacity
  • Field-proven architecture delivers high reliability and 99.999% uptime
  • SANtricity software and DDP simplify storage and data management, protection, and utilization

Investigate how the NetApp E5500 can increase performance efficiency in your application-driven environment by contacting your Zones account manager or calling 800.408.9663.

NetApp E5400

The balanced performance of the NetApp E5400 supports high-performance file systems, bandwidth-intensive streaming applications, and transaction-intensive workloads. And its fully redundant I/O paths, advanced protection features, and extensive diagnostic capabilities deliver the highest levels of availability, integrity, and security.

  • Midrange storage system delivers performance efficiency for application-driven environments
  • Field-proven design provides high reliability and 99.999% availability
  • Multiple drive shelf options enable custom configurations
  • NetApp's exclusive Dynamic Disk Pools offers simplicity and protection beyond standard RAID

Standardize on storage that fits into a variety of application-driven environments. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663 to get started.

NetApp E2700

The NetApp E2700 This system is well suited for any small, remote, or branch office, as well as any enterprise environment in which minimizing cost and complexity is critical. The modular design of the E2700 enables easy scalability to increase capacity to support business growth.

  • Maximize disk I/O with our performance-efficient storage architecture
  • Sustain high read/write storage throughput for high-transactional applications
  • Scale up to 192 drives with simple SAN block storage
  • Integrate with ease via multiple host interfaces, drive technologies, disk shelf options
  • Achieve SAN storage reliability, proven through our installed base of 650,000 systems

Deliver consistent performance, data integrity, and security with a cost-effective, simple SAN storage. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663 to customize your NetApp storage solution.

NetApp E2600

Equally adept at throughput for high-bandwidth applications and IOPS to transactional databases, the NetApp E2600 is well suited for a wide range of workloads. Storage administrators appreciate the extensive configuration flexibility that allows optimal performance tuning and complete control over data placement.

  • Cut operational costs with ultra-dense drive shelf for capacity-hungry apps
  • Improve storage utilization with data management software
  • Balance performance for sequential throughput and transactional IOPs
  • Gain flexibility with support for intermixed SSDs, SAS, and NL-SAS

Consult with a Zones storage expert to customize your NetApp E2600 for robust, high-performance storage. Contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

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