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    Veritas products and solutions from Zones

    Backup & Recovery

    Optimized archival and backup storage for the real world.

    The exponential growth in unstructured data is challenging IT professionals to find ways to balance users' needs for prompt service levels against costs.

    But simply throwing money at the problem just isn't practical. In fact, buying more primary storage just pushes the problem down the road. And signing up for public cloud services sounds cheap and easy, but data transfer charges can be expensive.

    You need a storage solution that balances performance with costs – and fills the gap between the performance of primary storage with the economics of cloud or tape.

    You need Veritas Access- an economical, general-purpose, long-term retention storage solution for backup and archive data.

    Zones is your trusted provider for Veritas. For more information or to upgrade now, contact your Zones account manager or call 800.408.9663.

    Everything you want. Everything you need.

    Reduced risk for greater compliance, security, and business continuity.

    • Eliminate uncertainties associated with restoring from aging tapes or tape hardware.
    • Seamlessly move data to and from private and public cloud platforms with complete data visibility.
    • Store critical data on-prem with a resilient and scalable platform.
    • Reduce risk with an end-to-end backup and LTR from the trusted market leader, Veritas.

    Achieve superior service levels without breaking the budget.

    • Reduce RTO (Recovery Time Objective) with near-primary storage performance.
    • Replace tape-based tertiary storage products with a cost-efficient, higher-performing, on-premises solution.
    • Support diverse environments and applications through heterogeneous infrastructure and protocol support.

    Lower costs and increase efficiency.

    • Replace aging, expensive-to-maintain infrastructure with Veritas end-to-end data protection solutions.
    • Seamlessly tier to cloud without additional costs while maintaining deduped data efficiency.
    • Deploy a solution with performance comparable to primary storage at the cost profile of tape/cloud.
    • Choose your deployment model: turnkey appliance or bring-your-own hardware software-defined.